Case Study

INDICATA used car market data is driving Pala Group’s business decisions

Pala Group

Pala Group BV

Netherlands based BMW dealer network – Pala Group BV – has recently shared its positive experience of embedding INDICATA within its used car business operations.

"A “very important” step within the transformation process was introducing INDICATA from Autorola – a platform he suggested “really helped us in providing insights and data in used car management."

Jan Peter Oving, CEO of Pala Group BV

Improved used car performance

Jan Peter highlighted how the business implemented the use of data to ensure it improved its used car sales performance – a major part of which involved change management across the business.

“We had been very traditional, but the market is changing, and we had to change as well – change management is vital because if the culture is not right it can eat your strategy for breakfast,” said Jan Peter.

Appointing a data intelligence employee

  1. The first step in the business transformation saw the business appoint a data intelligence employee who was dedicated to overseeing the new and used car market data
  2. The next step was the implementation a remarketing platform
  3. The third element was to introduce a group central occasion management

Helping provide data and insights in our used car management

Pala Group BV implemented the programme across its nine sites, which offered occasion/sales managers the opportunity to rely on market data instead of gut feeling.

“We wanted to see the right pricing for the market,” said Jan Peter.


Pala Group introduced dynamic pricing – marketability – something they couldn’t do before. Realtime data allowed them to compare insights to the market, increase stock turn and reduce obsolete stock.

Indicata provides the individual dealerships with key performance indicators (KPIs) via an online dashboard and at group level allows the business to see each dealerships statistics, as well as an overall business analysis.

Being more efficient with our capital

Jan Peter explained: “Using market data we have been able to increase our margins and we have been more efficient with our capital.”

Pala Group BV is a family owned nine-site BMW dealer network based in mid/south east Netherlands. The business represents over 14% market share within the BMW dealer network and has an annual turnover of €260m.