Case Study

Spoticar and INDICATA Lead Generator



SPOTICAR is the used car platform of GROUPE PSA Turkey under the umbrella of Stellantis. Our potential clients can quickly select used vehicles they like from “Buy Vehicle” section at the site and than purchase them from our SPOTICAR sales points; moreover they can also easily learn their own vehicles’ current market value from “Sell Vehicle” section and trade or sell them at our SPOTICAR sales points.

"We use INDICATA Lead Generator because our clients can easily select and valuate their vehicles"

Berk Mumcu, Director of Spoticar


We use Indicata Lead Generator at our “Sell Vehicle” section in SPOTICAR website. With the Lead Generator, our potential clients get a realtime market valuation by choosing their own vehicles easily and quickly.

What is the most important factor in choosing INDICATA Lead Generator?

Before SPOTICAR, we used INDICATA Lead Generator at our Peugeot official used car website between 2018-2020. At that time, since your Plug & Play product was not ready yet, our clients were able to valuate their own vehicles by INDICATA Web Service in the format we have designed.


With the launch of SPOTICAR, we preferred to use your ready to use version, Plug & Play. The most important feature of Lead Generator is; the clients can valuate their own vehicle by using INDICATA’s realtime market data. Beside the use of an artificial intelligence technology of Indicata for vehicle valuation, not having to spend time designing a pricing tool, the opportunity of integrating it to our site within our corporate identity, the ability of our clients to easily select and valuate their vehicles and the CRM integration infrastructure were the most important factors for us to choose Indicata Lead Generator.